Southside Produce Fact Sheets

Scroll down to view all the facts about the produce offered at Southside Produce Market. Our listing here features fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Specific produce items are not guaranteed to be available and some produce may not be listed here.  Stop by our store on Perkins Road and see first-hand what great produce is available any time of year!

Nutrition Facts

At Southside Produce we offer everything you need to maintain a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables contain many nutrients that are essential in keeping us healthy. By offering the freshest produce at affordable prices, Southside makes it easy to eat right and live healthy.

Seasonal Availability

When you shop, cook, and eat in season, you know that you always have the freshest food direct from harvest. Here are the best times to buy Louisiana-grown crops at Southside Produce Market and all markets across Louisiana.

Availbility estimated, not guaranteed.

Did You Know?

The Southside Produce Fact Sheets includes a small "Did You Know?" section that contains one or two interesting facts about each produce item. Just a little lagniappe to help you better understand the produce you are purchasing and eating.

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